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September 23 2015



If you are looking the best cordless vacuum cleaner for tile floors, you might want to check out the Compact Sabichi Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. It is under 5 kilos so it is easy to carry.

The Compact Sabichi Bagless Vacuum Cleaner has a transparent dust cannister that is easy to empty and holds 2.5 liters of dust before needing to be emptied. Since the dust cannister is transparent, you can easily tell when it is necessary to empty it.

The Compact Sabichi Bagless Vacuum Cleaner also comes with a crevice brush tool, a height adjustable floor brush, 2 extension tools, and a long hose with airflow adjuster. There is even a slot for brush storage to keep all the attachments for the Compact Sabichi Bagless Vacuum Cleaner handy. It also has a 5.1 metre push button retractable power cord.

It is also possible to control the airflow, and therefore the suction with the Compact Sabichi Bagless Vacuum Cleaner.

Best of all, the Compact Sabichi Bagless Vaccuum Cleaner has a HEPA filtration system. This means that unlike regular vacuum cleaners that kick up dust into the air when you vacuum, the Compact Sabichi Bagless Vacuum Cleaners trap the dust and bacteria in the HEPA filter, leaving you with cleaner air that is a lot less likely to bother those suffering from allergies.

For those that prefer upright vacuum cleaners, there is also an Upright Sabichi Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. The best car vacuum cleanre many of the same features as the Compact Sabichi Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. It has 1200 watts power with a thermal protection device, a HEPA filter with easy access for when you need to change the filters, a 4 liter dust capacity in the easily removable transparent dust storage drum, and a 5 meter long cord. The Upright Sabichi Bagless Vacuum Cleaner tilts through the operation of a foot pedal and has a flexible hose for cleaning stairs. It comes in a red color, and also comes with a 12 month manufacturer's warranty.

Whether you prefer a lightweight compact bagless vacuum cleaner or an upright bagless vacuum cleaner, there is a Sabichi Bagless Vacuum Cleaner for you.



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